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Program Manager App


Program arrangements and notifications can be planned and managed using this application.

Inbuilt Functions

  • Add / Edit / Delete New Program & Program Types.

  • Add / Edit / Delete New Users.

  • Calendar View & Share - Programs will be displayed in the calendar dates and can be shared to the other users.

  • Notifications - Participants for the program can be added and notified.

Program Manager.jpg

Donor Management App


Conducting donor campaigns & managing collection of funds from donors and map to beneficiaries.

Inbuilt Functions

  • Set / Edit / View / Share Calendar for all Campaigns.

  • Add / Edit / Delete new Beneficiary.

  • Add / Edit / Delete new Volunteers.

  • Validation / Approval of beneficiaries or Volunteers by Organizer.

  • Funds History can be maintained.        

  • Analytic Reports can be generated.

Donor Manage.jpg

...and many more

Whether you are an individual or a small, medium enterprise or a Corporate - automated apps for specific and full scale business process automation is a must if you want to be digitally connected to your employees and customers.

At ITK, we help you start the digital transformation process through a wide range of pre-built apps specifically automated for diverse busines processes so that you can quickly trial and deploy at your convenience - all on the cloud.

What's more - access your apps on the web and mobile and be #techabled for life.


Volunteer Portal App


Get the power of mobility and seamless management of your Academic Institution through ACEMA – education ERP. ACEMA provides you with seamless management of all key and critical areas of academic operations.


Manage your payroll processes online with just a few clicks.

Support Desk

This application helps to raise service tickets and close tickets. Connect instantly with your customer to solve their queries/issues.

Real Estate Management

Application which helps both the real estate owner and mediator to maintain the property details.

Recruit Manage

An easy-to-use app, that helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments to track job openings, resumes, candidates, clients and contacts - quickly and efficiently.

Restaurant Mate

Application which helps to automate the restaurant process such as kitchen order ticket, billing, table reservation.


Online Room booking and management designed for managers / owners to manage their villa's, resorts, guest-houses etc.,

Sales Manager

Maintaining product sales by creating leads, converting leads into customer, generating sales order. Also Task follow up & Case Maintenance can be done. Brief & detailed fore casting.

PW Secure

Keep all your passwords safe and secure in none place. Import/Export securely to any of your devices in multiple formats.

Point of Sales

Retail sales management through Stock maintenance, Invoice generation, Adding customers, vendors, products. Product wise and Price wise discounts for customers and many more functions.

Manufacuring ERP

Automate all the important business processes of your manufacturing unit and get insightful reports and analytics.

OneClick Home Services

Need a handyman to do some domestic chores? Generate a list of all your favorite vendors who can help you out going to the bank or picking up your groceries or paying that electricity bill. For all your A-Z home services.

Online CarStore

For AutoSpas, Garages and Auto Spares stores. You can now manage your inventory and auto order components anytime online.

Logistics Manager

Tracking shipment of loads. Inbound/Outbound Dispatch and Delivery. Maintaining truck details, Warehouse maintenance, Getting customer bookings, Pick up request, Inbound/Outbound Dispatch and delivery maintenance., Tracking shipment.


Complete HR Process such as requirement, recruitment, employee joining, employee leave tracking, employee attendance, announcement to employees, appraisal, employee resignation can be achieved.

Lead Management

Lead creation and conversion are processed with assignment of leads to sales rep, New leads creation, Converting leads into contacts, Assigning leads to Sales rep. Sales Rep will do the follow up of leads, Maintaining lost leads, accounts, Add products and set it up as you want.


A must have for all independent lawyers and consultants. Now easily manage your case files, get reminders, docket all your important cases, assign cases to juniors, refer important case points to help you in your arguments.

Employee Management

Helps small business owners better manage Employees.

Fleet Hub

Fleet hub application is for the management of commercial vehicles such cars, trucks, vans etc,

Franchisee Manager

Application for Franchise owners to manage their franchisee network and mange product sales.

Customer Service Tracker

You can use this CRM Application to maintain lead generation & conversion, Customer calls & services, Tasks follow ups, sales order generation. You can also manage campaign details, vendors and contracts.

Customer Relationship Manager

You can use this CRM Application to maintain lead generation & conversion, Customer calls & services, Tasks follow ups, sales order generation. You can also manage campaign details, vendors and contracts.

Content Writer

Manage your contents, editors, writers and create analytics and reports. Update your contents easily and manage all content and writers online.

Custom Apps Ad by ITK

Having plans to automate your business processes? Not sure how to go about? Don’t worry, at ITK we offer you the best of automation on the globally acclaimed Zoho Cloud platform. Connect with us today and get your automation goals on the road. WHATSAPP on 7338882609. From Academic to Automotive - at ITK, we have built solutions for diverse clients and helped them achieve cloud automation of their businesses. Reach us for your automation goals. Write to

Made in India

All our applications are softcrafted in India on ZOHO PLATFORM by experts with more than 3 decades of domain expertise in IT consulting, Staffing & Temping, Production, Sales, Banking & Finance, HR and Network Channel distribution.



Whether you are an IT head, Enterprise architect, Professional developer, Business manager working for an Enterprise or a SMB or a Startup, you can be assured that managing roles through our apps provides you with more productivity, more visibility, more efficiency, more mobility and less of spending time in managing.  


We have built apps on Zoho for diverse clients to automate all diverse functions such as Customer service, Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, Operations etc. We have helped diverse industries in their business process automation including Retail, Manufacturing, Education, Logistics, Non-profits, Information technology, Professional Services etc.,


So if you are yet to start your digital transformation process, now is the time.

Whatever may be your automation goal, speak to us and we will help you convert your ideas into full-fledged apps

that power your business!


The VP App helps you sign up and manage people for any type of event with customizable, reusable sign-up sheets and track events.


Inbuilt Functions

  • Add / Schedule new Events.

  • Administrator Dashboard.

  • Add / Edit / Delete Volunteers.

  • Volunteer Dashboard.

  • Notifications

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